When a dog lover meets
a food science person.

We both have our own fur babies.
When it comes to preparing for a nutritious fresh meal, we know it requires a lot of knowledge and effort.

As a responsible pet owner, it’s our mission to understand the difference between dogs and humans, and create meals that are good for them.

After some experiments and recipe improvements, we decided to use fresh meat and vegetables as our core ingredients to produce healthy fresh meals and snacks.

We source for the finest ingredients from fresh farms,
and we make no compromise in food quality for our fluffy friends.

Benefits of fresh meal

Our five fresh meals mixed with dry food can:

  1. Help improving digestive system
  2. Increase appetite
  3. Cleanse their teeth
  4. Strengthen bones
  5. Improve health
  6. Achieve a balanced diet 

Fresh meal nutrition information

  1. Fish, meat and chicken egg
    Replenish protein and fat, maintain a strong immune system and liver functions, balance hormones. The fatty acids in meat help bring extra energy to our dogs, better regulate body temperature and improve digestion.

  2. Suitable portions of carbohydrates, such as pumpkin, sweet potato, potato, pearl barley and millets, etc providing a greater source of power. 

  3. Seasonal vegetables such as carrot, spinach and beetroot:
    The vitamins and minerals from vegetables help improve our fluffy friends’ gut health. Considering that their intestines are short and they do not have enzymes that digest fiber, we make sure all vegetables are chopped properly before mixing with other ingredients.

  4. Our recipes include calculated amounts of eggshell powder as a calcium source to maintain the healthy balance of calcium and phosphorus in the diet.